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Missouri Hockey Rules

  1. Missouri Hockey Rules & Regulations Regarding the Resolution of Disputes, Arbitration and Suspensions.
    OVERVIEW: The scope of these rules are for all claims, demands, or disputes having any impact on ice hockey. It is the specific purpose of these rules and regulations to provide for a uniform method of resolving all Disputes and to utilize the specific skills, expertise and background of people experienced in hockey and sports administration matters.
    Download PDF: Hearings_Suspensions Appeals version 10 12302010.pdf

  3. Missouri Hockey Coaches Helmet Rule Enforcement
    OVERVIEW: The helment rule not only help ensure the safety of the coaches while on the ice it also helps set a good example by teaching young athletes that following rules is an important part of life and in this case a part of our sport.
    Download PDF: Missouri Hockey Coaches Helmet Rule Enforcement Final 09292006.pdf

  5. Scheduling Officials for USA Hockey through Missouri Hockey
    OVERVIEW:This policy in an effort to better support USA Hockey through Missouri Hockey and to help insure that the games that we schedule our officials for that we believe to be USA Hockey registered are indeed completely and properly registered with USA Hockey.
    Download PDF: Scheduling Officials 09022004.pdf

  7. "C" and Youth League Policy for Players Ages
    OVERVIEW:This policy is clarification for the spread of ages that will be allowed to play in "C" and Youth Leagues.
    Download PDF: CLeaguePolicyStatement03212006.pdf

    OVERVIEW:Beginning with the 2010-2011 season, any Team will be accepted as a Recreational Team, provided that the Team properly registers with USA Hockey and complies with the By Laws and Rules and Regulations of Missouri Hockey, Inc.
    Download PDF: Missouri Hockey Recreational Team Rule.pdf

    OVERVIEW:Under federal law, volunteer organizations must secure a signed consent/release form from each individual on whom a background check is to be requested. All questionnaires are confidential and answers are confidential. All questionnaires will be submitted for a background record checks.

  13. Missouri Hockey Registration
    OVERVIEW: The purpose of this rule is to enforce timely proper USA Hockey registration and Screening
      A.  Each player and coach must be properly registered with USA Hockey prior to participating in any sanctioned event.
      B.  Any adult subject to the Screening Policy must have successfully completed the screening process prior to participating.
      C.  Any infraction of this rule/policy will result in action by the Missouri Hockey, Inc. Rules and Ethics Committee. Failure to comply with this policy/rule may result in a $100.00 fine, suspension or both. Players, leagues, clubs, teams, coaches, and team managers may be subject to Rules and Ethics Committee procedures. The player, adult and team will be declared ineligible and the team’s games will be forfeited.
  15. Missouri Hockey Blue Pucks
    OVERVIEW: The purpose of this rule is to enforce USA Hockey’s Rule 306 (b) Puck.
    • A.  All 8 and under teams (Mini Mite and Mite) are required to use blue pucks for all USA Hockey Events.
      B.  If both teams are non-members of the Affiliate (Missouri Hockey) the tournament host must provide blue pucks.
      C.  No exceptions will be granted.
      D.  Home teams are required to provide blue pucks for all games.
      E.  Failure to provide blue pucks for games will result in the game being forfeited in favor of the visiting team.
  16. Missouri Hockey Rules & Regulations Regarding State Qualifier Tournaments.
    OVERVIEW: To define the timeframe of finalizing and posting specific rules concerning the process of conducting tournaments for the purpose of determining a represenitive that will compete in a district or national tournament.
    Download PDF: MO Hockey Rule Change -Tournaments 04272012.pdf

  18. Missouri Hockey Rules & Regulations Regarding Sanctioning of Tournaments
    OVERVIEW: To define the requirements that a Tournament Director/organizer must provide to Missouri Hockey prior to the issuance of the Tournament Sanction
    Download PDF: TournamentPolicy08292013.pdf



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