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Screening Program

Child abuse is a significant social problem we face today. Recent public opinion polls rank the problem second only to drug use as a national concern. Missouri Hockey recognizes the potential for such abuse to exist within our organization. Consequently, the Missouri Hockey Board of Directors has adopted a screening program to minimize the possibilities for such abuse to take place. You and your Associationís participation and support of these policies reflect your concern about our childrenís safety in our hockey programs as well as your willingness to take steps toward preventing child abuse and its detrimental effects..

The online screening program includes but is not limited to all coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, team managers, on-ice officials, billeting families of players, and anyone with routine access to children in USA Hockey programs.

The following instructions (PDF), together with the online instructions and prompts provided by the Sport Ngin' website, will guide you through the Missouri Hockey background screening process. Sample website screens and directions are available by clicking the link below.

All questionnaires are confidential and answers are confidential. All questionnaires will be submitted for a background record check. When you have successfully completed all phases, your name will be added to the list of people eligible. We will post this list on the Missouri Hockey website at www.mohockey.org. When this process is successfully completed you are eligible to be a coach, assistant coach, trainer, on-ice official, billeting family, or team manager.

To maintain confidentiality Missouri Hockey utilizes an outside online firm, Sport Ngin, to process the background checks. The applicant will receive a copy of their background in the form of an email .pdf file from Sport Ngin. If the background check report contains an infraction(s), a review committee will review the information. The review process will consider the severity of the infraction, the applicant’s answer, the time passed since the infraction, and any other pertinent facts. During this process the confidentiality of the applicant will be protected. An appointed committee will review the information gathered and any recommendations prior to rendering a decision. The ruling of the committee shall be in force from the time of its ruling.

Should the applicant wish to appeal the decision of the committee, the applicant will have fourteen days from the date of notification to file a written appeal. The Missouri Hockey Board of Directors, or a committee appointed by them, will hear any appeal of the committee’s ruling. If the committee’s decision is upheld the appellant may appeal to Missouri Hockey Board of Directors, or their appointees, and state all the facts to be considered. The ruling of the Board of Directors, or their appointees, will be final and not subject to further appeal to Missouri Hockey or USA Hockey.

Thank you for your assistance and support in making ice hockey a safer and more enjoyable sport for all youth.

Link for OnLine Screening
Screening Results

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